HIV/AIDS and African Militaries

CCR has developed a new focus on training on HIV/AIDS and African militaries for the 2012-2016 phase of its work, using the Centre's expertise with militaries in all five African sub-regions built up since 2004, and building on CCR's research project on HIV/AIDS and Militaries between 2004 and 2012 which engaged in policy development on militaries as well as on HIV/AIDS and post-conflict societies.

CCR's work on HIV/AIDS and African militaries seeks to:

  • Provide military personnel with a practical and theoretical grounding on HIV/AIDS and security, and prevention approaches;
  • Improve the awareness and practice of military personnel in relation to their roles as human rights and peacebuilding actors; and
  • Promote gender-sensitive behaviour among military personnel; especially on the relationship between HIV/AIDS and gender.

To achieve these objectives, CCR will conduct HIV/AIDS training workshops for senior officials from militaries in the Great Lakes region. This will provide them with a sound understanding of HIV/AIDS policies before deployment to peacekeeping missions.

As a result of this work, CCR expects that:

  • The prevalence of HIV/AIDS among African soldiers deployed to peacekeeping missions is reduced and the soldiers become effective advocates in HIV/AIDS prevention campaigns;
  • Skills acquired by workshop participants will be used at institutional levels to benefit local communities;
  • Within institutions trained by CCR, the meaningful participation of women in decision-making processes will be enhanced; and
  • The Centre's HIV/AIDS and peacekeeping manuals will be utilised effectively in training conducted by military institutions across Africa.

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