Human Rights and Conflict Management

CCR's human rights and conflict management activities aim to contribute to the creation of durable peace, security, and development in Africa through promoting creative and constructive rights-based approaches to the management and resolution of conflicts.

In addition to working with the South African Human Rights Commission, the Office of the Public Protector (South Africa), and the Tanzanian Commission for Human Rights and Good Governance, CCR provides a platform for national human rights institutions (NHRIs) across the continent to share experiences and lessons learned.

These include:

  • The African Union (AU) Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights;
  • Uganda's Human Rights Commission;
  • The Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice of Ghana;
  • The Malawi Human Rights Commission; and
  • The United Nations (UN) Human Rights Commission in Sierra Leone.

The project also seeks to strengthen the capacity of these institutions to incorporate conflict management into their work.

As a result of its human rights and conflict management activities, CCR expects that:

  • National human rights institutions, regional economic communities, civil society and other groups trained by the Centre will undertake constructive resolution of conflicts, contributing directly to resolving conflict and building peace in their local communities and countries;
  • The conflict management capacity of AU-linked human rights institutions will be strengthened, enabling them to contribute actively to conflict prevention and peacebuilding initiatives in Africa;
  • Opportunities for peer learning between actors from existing human rights institutions and those in emerging institutions will increase to ensure the sustainability of CCR's previous initiatives within existing national human rights institutions;
  • Within institutions trained by CCR, the meaningful participation of women in decision-making processes will be enhanced; and
  • The Centre's human rights and peacebuilding manuals will be utilised effectively in training conducted by other African institutions.

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