Sustained Interventions in South Sudan

The overall goal of CCR's project on "Building Peace and Promoting Human Security in Post-Conflict Societies: South Sudan and the Great Lakes" is to contribute to structural poverty reduction in South Sudan and the Great Lakes region (Burundi, Uganda, the Democratic Republic of the Congo [DRC], and Rwanda) through promoting reconstruction, peace, and human security.

CCR's activities in South Sudan seek:

  • To provide government institutions and the government at national, state, and local levels in selected states, with the capacity to resolve conflicts in their respective settings; and
  • To build the conflict transformation and dialogue skills of key civil society actors, traditional authorities, and marginalised groups such as women and grassroots communities.

CCR's regional Conflict Intervention and Peacebuilding Support (CIPS) training project and policy development and research project (PDR) undertake this work collaboratively.

The training project seeks to promote human security through providing government and civil society actors with conflict resolution capacity to enable them to build peace effectively.

The policy advisory group meetings will aim to contribute to conflict resolution, state-building, and post-conflict reconstruction efforts in South Sudan and the Great Lakes by promoting a culture of peace through fostering dialogue between policymakers, academics, government officials, and civil society organisations.

The project entails capacity-building workshops, dialogue sessions, and policy seminars in three thematic areas:

1. Sustained interventions: South Sudan

The new state of South Sudan remains fragile, facing peacebuilding and human security challenges that often obstruct the achievement of stability, security, and rule of law. The current outbreak of civil war has led to the widespread internal displacement of about one million civilians in South Sudan, and has set back the country's social and economic development efforts. CCR's planned project activities will afford several opportunities to mitigate conflict, and will provide conflict management and resolution skills, and spaces for constructive dialogue, including carefully facilitated discussions on issues of ethnicity, which will promote cohesion between diverse ethnic groups.

2. The Great Lakes: Human rights and conflict management, and HIV/AIDS and militaries

The Centre has worked on HIV/AIDS and African militaries since 2004, holding three regional advisory group seminars, involving 16 militaries, which examined military institutions' HIV/AIDS policies across all five African sub-regions. Based on this experience, and given the HIV/AIDS prevalence among African militaries, typically at 20 - 60 percent, and high levels of sexual violence in the Great Lakes, CCR will undertake training workshops, to provide senior military officials with knowledge on HIV/AIDS and security, and peacekeeping. Workshops will promote gender-sensitive behaviour, and roles of militaries as human rights and peacebuilding actors.

3. State-building and post-conflict reconstruction in South Sudan and the Great Lakes

CCR will convene policy advisory group seminars on South Sudan and the Great Lakes, which will assess the challenges of preventing the (re-)occurrence of conflict and ensuring sustainable peace, security, and development. The meetings will develop policies and concrete recommendations on how these countries can use their post-conflict reconstruction experiences and comparative lessons to craft internally-driven models for peace, security, and development. The seminars on conflict-affected South Sudan will also focus on issues of national reconciliation, constitution-making, and conflict prevention and develop concrete policy recommendations to strengthen the prospects for stability and sustainable peace in the country.

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