HRCM manual coverHuman Rights and Conflict Management Training Manual
The CCR human rights manual has been designed to be used by African institutions with a mandate to promote and protect human rights, and organisations that are increasingly playing a critical role in conflict prevention and management efforts. Traditional authorities, women's groups, civil society and faith-based organisations have also been recognised as key partners complementing the efforts of intergovernmental institutions and national structures in human rights and conflict management work on the continent. The manual has been designed to build the capacity of these groups and to maximise their role in conflict management initiatives on the continent.

Please note that the full version of CCR training manuals is only available for those who have completed training.

NHRI: Defenders of Human Rights, Managers of Conflict, Builders of Peace?
In 2004, CCR initiated a research project on national human rights institutions, conflict resolution and peacebuilding in Africa. This volume on national human rights institutions, conflict management and peacebuilding is located in a growing body of literature and practice on the relationship between human rights and conflict management.
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