Responsibility to Protect (11)

Libyan crisis raises questions over UN Security Council, writes Antonia Porter The principles underlying South Africa's foreign policy have been debated widely recently after the country's early and strong support for UN Security Council resolutions imposing sanctions on, and authorising military action against, Muammar Gaddafi's regime in Libya, after heightened…

Global Responsibility to Protect (GR2P)

Published in CCR Occasional Reports
Global Responsibility to Protect (GR2P)This edition of the journal Global Responsibility to Protect (GR2P) — a special African issue — was commissioned and overseen by CCR. It reveals African perspectives on the norm, which obliges national governments to protect their populations from mass killing and massive and sustained human rights…
Preventing Genocide and the Responsibility to Protect: Challenges for the UN, Africa, and the International Community(Seminar Report No. 25) This report is based on a policy advisory group meeting held by the Centre for Conflict Resolution (CCR), the International Peace Institute (IPI) and the Office of the UN Special Adviser…
Africa's Human Rights Architecture is an examination of the conceptual issues surrounding Africa's human rights framework and the institutions that have sought to address the problems plaguing the continent in the post-colonial era.
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